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At Wellnecity, we are committed to helping self-insured employers gain control of their healthcare spend and reduce the frustration associated with managing benefits.


Our Mission: Healthier Bottom Lines, Healthier Employees

A message from John and Marie Quinn, Founders of Wellnecity:

We spent the first seasons of our career in technology and professional services, using technology and increasingly abundant information to guide Fortune 500 businesses into the 21st century.

What we’ve found? Across all industries, improved information is a game changer. It empowers the average business to wield power over large suppliers of products or services. While we have seen the impact of improved information in transforming financial services, telecommunications, and consumer devices, it is clear that healthcare continues to lag.

In 2013, as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was arriving, we set out to help solve this problem. We discovered that healthcare was an increasingly severe problem for self-insured employers. What was once a management afterthought, grew into a major impact on the bottom line. Solving the problem of healthcare expenses for U.S. businesses became our personal mission.

From business owners, CEOs, CFOs, and HR executives, we’ve heard the same message:

“There’s nothing we can do”
“We don’t have the information, the expertise, or the bandwidth to manage the problem”
“Our existing vendors have failed to solve the problem”

We get it. Business owners need help to get things under control. Wellnecity was built by business owners, for business owners to help change course from the status quo. And it’s working. For all executives, HR professionals and employees who wondered if there ever would come a time when health benefits would be easier to manage again, that time is now.

Wellnecity Leadership
John Quinn

John Quinn

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Innovation generator, problem solver, and team catalyst – I have spent the last three decades building new businesses and products inside the largest of U.S. companies, preparing them for success in an increasingly digital world. An industry with challenges that I have fixed before, healthcare has become my passion. My goal is to help healthcare become more consistently high quality, more affordable, and a source of pride for our overall economy.
Tony Giberti

Tony Giberti

Chief Operating Officer

Leader, strategist and practical problem solver – over the last 15-years, I have successfully led teams from the battlefield to the boardroom using data driven insights to solve complex and increasingly digital problems in healthcare and other industries.  I aspire to provide our clients with the insights and controls necessary to create more efficient and effective health outcomes for their most valuable assets, their employees. 

John Phipps, MD

John Phipps, MD

Chief Medical Officer

With 20 years as a practicing physician and more than 10 years leading care delivery for a large health system, I understand the complexities of clinical medicine, the possibilities for providers, and the necessity of improving the healthcare experience for everyone involved. My aspiration is better experience and outcomes, lower costs, and healthier communities.
Marie Quinn

Marie Quinn

Founder and Chief Administrative Officer

With over 25 years’ experience in technology and law, I am working to build a company and team that rely on innovation, high performance and a commitment to a lofty vision. We’re on this journey for our clients and their employees and having a great time making it happen.
Bill Frack

Bill Frack

Chief Development Officer

Across a thirty-year management consulting career, primarily in healthcare, I’ve been dedicated to disentangling the complex to help clients thrive. I also developed a passion for making healthcare more cost-effective. Wellnecity’s unique approach provides me with a way to fulfill that mission.

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wellnecityComapnyWellnecity is on a mission to help employers and employees have a better healthcare experience. We are seeking innovative and passionate individuals to enhance our team.


John Quinn
Founder and CEO



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