Improve control of your healthcare spend

“A 10% increase in health benefit spend makes a substantial dent in my earnings. As a result, I need to manage my healthcare benefit costs and effectiveness just as aggressively as I manage other essential inputs to my business.”

Client CEO

The Wellnecity Difference

Continuous Monitoring of Data - Claims, Invoices, and Eligibility 

    • AI-powered claim and vendor payment reviews to reduce overpayment
    • Ongoing assessments and continuous real-time monitoring maximize the ROI of your customized solution

Realized Financial Improvements

    • Combine clean data with actionable analytics to identify real, significant opportunities
    • Use data specific to YOUR employees – not industry averages

Easy Implementation, Unlimited Support

    • Fast implementation with minimal disruption – realize savings in as fast as 2 months
    • Unlimited support – ad-hoc analysis, custom reporting with turnaround in days, not weeks or months!

Minimized Effort for HR

    • Seamless integration into your existing plan design and vendors
    • Dedicated service team providing continuous support
    • We guide; You decide; We manage the details and keep you informed
“I was amazed at how much power I gained once I had control of our own data. We were able to watch and challenge vendors with facts, not just generalized dissatisfaction.”

Benefits Leader – Private-Equity owned

Financial Control

Leverage clean, real-time data to enable active management of vendor performance prior to making payments.

Product Features:

    • Detailed budget planning and in-year forecasting
    • Vendor contract oversight
    • Vendor invoice monitoring
    • Pre- and post-payment claims integrity tracking
    • Eligibility and invoice reconciliation
    • Early identification of emerging high-cost claims


    • Eliminate wasteful spending
    • Hold vendors accountable
    • Get answers to your questions in days not months
“Our research indicates 5-7% of our healthcare cost is overpayments – errant claims, fraudulent claims, inappropriate invoicing, etc. We want our portfolio company CFOs to eliminate this wasteful spending.”

Chief Procurement Officer – Private Equity Firm

ProActive Health Plan Management™

Leverage our actionable insights to pinpoint a customized set of enhancements which best fit with your existing benefit plans. Then, let our activation team help you make it happen with ease.

Product Features:

    • Menu of improvement options with financial impact
    • Customized solution set
    • Customized roll-out
    • Enterprise-class vendors
    • Employee engagement support
    • Continuous monitoring and management
    • Unlimited Wellnecity support


    • Save up to $2,000 per employee, per year
    • Lower HR burden
    • Greater employee satisfaction
“If I get a 10% increase in health benefits, who will pay? There are only three options: either my investors pay, my employees pay, or I need to identify a way to avoid a 10% increase. It’s that simple.”

Benefits Leader

Client Profiles

Wellnecity serves all self-insured employers. Our scalable ProActive Health Plan Management™ Service and customizable solution set allow us to help employers improve control of their healthcare spend, whether they are national enterprises, regional or local employers.

Some current clients that benefit today from working with Wellnecity:

31,000 lives

2,900 lives

2,000 lives

1,300 lives

2,400 lives

1,500 lives

2,600 lives

200 lives

1,300 lives

300 lives