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Every day, Wellnecity is delivering value to self-insured employers across the U.S. With a list of clients and use cases that span industries and company sizes, you can be assured that you are partnering with the experts in ProActive Health Plan Management™.

Timely and actionable health plan reporting matters

Real-time and actionable insights through proactive reporting is critical to understanding the underlying drivers of your plan’s performance. Active health plan management saves your business valuable time and money. To achieve these benefits, you should establish, manage, and report on key initiatives continuously to assess and optimize plan performance, while identifying and prioritizing opportunities for ongoing improvements.

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​Manage your health plan like the
Fortune 200

Wellnecity is helping our self-insured clients manage their health plans with the same insights and advanced analytics as the largest employers in the country. Even with fewer than 30,000 employees, your organization can reduce healthcare spend by up to 20% AND increase the quality of care through proactive management.

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Self-Insured versus Fully Insured

Even small and mid-sized organizations can benefit from switching to a self-insured health plan. Wellnecity® can help show you how to realize significant savings while achieving similar or better levels of coverage/financial risk, network quality, and admin load. Additionally, you can gain cost and quality transparency to increase plan management and control.

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employers drive superior health plan performance.

Case Studies

    • Quality Care is a Value Driver – Learn how Wellnecity® can help employers take action on improving health plan performance through Centers of Excellence.

    • Avoiding Disruption –  COVID has revealed many health plan management challenges, and with Wellnecity you can be prepared for challenges today and in the future.

    • Avoid Benefit Cost Surprises – Overage in pharmacy benefits costs can quickly impact budgets without early warnings. Learn how one client saved $1.5 million through Wellnecity’s Financial Control.

    • Actively Manage Your Health Plan – Rented carrier networks and TPAs do not manage healthcare, nor do insurance carriers or PBMs. Wellnecity® will help you take back control through proactive management.

    • Private Equity – Wellnecity has a path to help Private Equity reverse the massive problem of unmanaged healthcare costs and create enormous value through proven costs reduction levers.