Reducing Costs and Complexity for Self-funded plans

Wellnecity’s Smart Hub simplifies self-funded health plan management by integrating the entire ecosystem of disparate vendors and their data sources (not just claims). This yields cost savings, higher utilization, improved member outcomes, and reduced fiduciary risk. We even guarantee you a return on your investment.

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The Smart Hub Platform Delivers Measurable Results. 

Wellnecity empowers self-funded employers to reduce healthcare costs through data-driven optimization and streamlined plan management.

Easy Plan Management

Wellnecity helps lower healthcare costs and fiduciary risk by proactively monitoring vendor performance within your health plan ecosystem.

Combat Renewal Increases

Through proactive oversight and reduced vendor complexity, we guarantee the same or better healthcare benefits at a lower overall cost.

Vendor Accountability

Objective measurement of your entire ecosystem provides a clear picture of each health plan vendor’s performance, eliminating reliance on self-reported ROI.



Optimized Plan

Coordinated and data-driven decisions lead to increased and timely benefit utilization, improving overall health and well-being of employees.

Wellnecity’s 2023 Results

$1.1 billionin health plan spend managed
$75 million savedlast year for our clients
11 X ROI Delivered

Trusted by dozens of leading employers with over 330,000 employee lives under management 

Client Testimonials

Transportation Industry HR Leader

Armed with Wellnecity’s insights, I was able to get our executive team to make decisions on annual benefits in 30-minutes that previously we found impossible to get consensus on… I’m surprised by how quickly decisions were made with intelligent insight.

1500+ Enrolled Employees

CEO Clinics/Outpatient Healthcare Services

Our CFO is fawning over the analysis Wellnecity provided. They believe we’ll be able to make some mid-year changes to bend the curve… In a world of noise and vaporware, it’s a delight to find a solution that delivers.

Chief Executive Officer

A 10% increase in health benefit spend makes a substantial dent in my earnings.  As a result, I need to manage my healthcare benefit costs and effectiveness just as aggressively as I manage other essential inputs to my business.

2,000 employee company

Chief Executive Officer

We have had a particularly heavy pharmacy spend for a company of 2,000 employees, and it was so helpful that Wellnecity’s team and reports showed us where we could save thousands in the first 6 months.

1,000 employee company

Benefits Leader

Wellnecity’s reporting has meant meetings with our CEO about healthcare are much more informed and could lay out a plan for how to save the company hundreds of thousands on plan costs alone in the first year.

5,000 employee organization

Benefits Leader

If I get a 10% increase in health benefits, who will pay?  There are only three options: either my investors pay, my employees pay, or I need to identify a way to avoid a 10% increase. It’s that simple.

10,000 employee organization

Benefits Leader

I was amazed at how much power I gained once I had control of our own data. We were able to watch and challenge vendors with facts, not just generalized dissatisfaction.

2,500 employee organization

Chief Executive Officer

I’ve never felt more in the know about what’s truly going on with our health plan costs.

1,500 employee firm

Chief Executive Officer

Our research indicates 5-7% of our healthcare cost is overpayments – errant claims, fraudulent claims, inappropriate invoicing, etc. We want our portfolio company CFOs to eliminate this wasteful spending.

Private Equity Firm

Chief Financial Officer

Wellnecity brings thoughtful recommendations – difficult to do with complex data. I appreciate having you as a partner to gain insights we wouldn’t otherwise have.

Financial Services Firm

Head of Human Resources

We are so grateful for the partnership we have with Wellnecity, including the work your team does behind the scenes and the insight that is shared in each of our meetings.

Financial Services Firm


Amid ever-rising health care costs, self-insured employers of all sizes CAN reduce health care spend by up to 20%, increase the quality of care AND achieve better outcomes. Read Wellnecity Insights to explore strategies to help your health plan perform better – for you and your employees.

Client Success

Every day, Wellnecity is delivering value to self-insured employers and their employees across the U.S. With a list of clients that span industries and company sizes, you can be assured that Wellnecity will help you drive performance and accountability in the areas that matter most.