Power Up Your
Self-Funded Solutions 

We empower innovative advisors to design high-performing health plans and demonstrate their ROI, exceeding client expectations. Leverage Smart Hub to streamline operational efficiently, reduce costs, and delight your clients.

Complexity Overload?
Wellnecity’s Smart Hub Simplifies.

Managing self-funded plans is becoming increasingly complex due to compliance demands, unbundling, and point solution fatigue. Smart Hub unifies your data and streamlines operations, empowering you to deliver exceptional value to your clients.


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Advisor Back-Office Solutions

Built upon the feedback of value-driven advisors, Wellnecity Smart Hub empowers you to streamline back-office operations and focus on driving growth for your clients.  By eliminating the complexities of managing multiple vendors and data silos, Smart Hub frees your account teams from administrative burdens and empowers them to deliver exceptional client service. This newfound efficiency allows you to focus on strategic initiatives and secure new business opportunities. Enhance your plans with: 

  • Combine data from all vendors into our platform creating a powerful management tool 
  • Develop a simple reporting solution regardless of vendors  
  • Objectively demonstrate the ROI of your solutions and the value your efforts deliver. 
  • Additional modules including: 
    • Financial Controls – Blind side protection 
    • Vendor Management – Enhance and coordinate your client’s vendor ecosystem 
    • High Cost Claimant OutreachA patient management tool for in-house or outsourced nurse navigation teams that is powered by claims data and connects the member to the vendor ecosystem
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      Single Client Solutions

      Save time and gain confidence with Wellnecity’s Smart Hub. Our platform connects the entire health plan ecosystem to deliver clear performance insights, and empowers you to address potential problems before they arise. We also provide objective vendor ROI reporting, eliminating reliance on biased self-reporting.

      We even enable you to offer essential financial controls and reduced fiduciary liability through invoice review, eligibility reconciliation, and more. This translates to a conversation the C-Suite loves to have – helping you close deals faster.

      Your benefit and finance teams will love our platform

      “For employers who struggle with the complexity of their health plan and rising costs,  Wellnecity’s SmartHub is the answer.”

      Lauren Roberson
      Head of Nurse Advocacy