Empower Your Benefits and Finance Team

Take Control of your self-funded plan and get more transparency.

Combat Rising Healthcare Costs,
Take Control with

Our platform empowers HR leaders to manage costs, hold vendors accountable, and achieve measurable ROI in your employee health plan. 

Gain Complete Oversight and Take Action.

Smart Hub simplifies the complexity of your health plan, helping you identify what’s working, what needs improvement, and providing actionable steps to optimize your plan. 

    Unlock Improved Performance and Value with Data-Driven Optimizations.

    By integrating your entire vendor ecosystem, Smart Hub delivers evidence-based solutions, ensuring your health plan and point solutions maximize value for your employees.

      Reduce Costs, Improve Benefits: Our ROI Advantage. 

      Leverage cost-saving of up to 20% to enhance benefit programs and reduce employee cost-sharing. With Wellnecity’s savings guarantee, the company’s financial health is protected, and teams turn into heroes at their annual budget meetings.

      HR Leaders: Are You Facing These Health Plan Challenges?

      • Are you struggling to contain rising healthcare costs while offering competitive benefits? 
      • Do you need better data insights to make informed decisions about your health plan?
      • Do you want to ensure your employees have access to quality care and a positive healthcare experience?
      • Too many point solutions that are underutilized?

      By tackling healthcare complexities, Smart Hub equips you to offer competitive benefits, a key factor in attracting and retaining a high-performing workforce. 

      How It Works

      Easy Integration

      One Click Away from Insights. Simply notify your vendors and Smart Hub handles the rest. No more logging into multiple portals, downloading reports, or manually merging data. We centralize everything into a single, unified hub.

      Actionable Opportunities

      Our dedicated client team brings expertise and data analysis to the table. We collaborate with you to identify critical issues and validate potential solutions, ensuring confident decision-making. This allows you to focus your valuable time and resources elsewhere.

      Issue Identification

      Smart Hub and your client team will help to proactively identify potential problems and uncover hidden opportunities for cost savings and improved health outcomes. We help hold your vendors accountable.


      Simplified Reporting

      Smart Hub replaces raw data dumps and confusing dashboards with clear, understandable reports from all vendors. Gain the insights you need to make confident decisions and communicate effectively with your executive team.

      “Through medical and Rx claims analysis, the team was able to help recover $500k+ in stop loss credits that had not been returned. The Wellnecity team has played an important role in monitoring eligibility, performance guarantees and ROI for each point solution.”
      Lisa Patel
      Benefits Manager