The Operating Platform for Self-Insured Health Plans

Unlock the full cost-saving potential of your health plan to improve performance, outperform the healthcare status quo, and achieve better outcomes for your employees.

Unfortunately, driving performance is complicated. The data guiding decision-making is often incomplete, delayed, aggregated, and not formatted for easy integration. Many benefits solutions promise to fix healthcare, but objectively measuring ROI and impact proves difficult.

Successful benefits programs require constant attention and action, not just analysis.

Improving health plans is not easy – but it’s possible.

What We Do

Wellnecity drives vendor performance, supports improved employee engagement, objectively measures ROI, and identifies and helps you implement the right solutions.

The Wellnecity Difference

Wellnecity’s Smart Hub puts analysis into action to make your health plans work better.

We enable you to

  • Drive Vendor Performance
  • Activate Financial Controls
  • Prioritize Plan Improvements
  • Energize Employee Engagement

The Benefits of Better Management

With savings up to 20%, our clients reinvest in better benefits, reduce premiums and cost-sharing, and improve the bottom line.

Whether you’re an employer, benefits advisor, or vendor, we have the platform you need to make your health plan work better.

CEOs and CFOs

Actively manage health plan spend and bring healthcare costs and plan management under control.

HR Professionals and Total Rewards Leaders

Cut through the noise and growing complexity to find better care. We’ll provide you with the information you need to make confident health plan decisions AND the resources to implement improvements so you can focus your team on other priorities.

Benefits Advisors

Retain and grow your employer client base with vendor stack optimization to drive performance – and ensure that they are fully satisfied with your solutions.

Health Plan Vendors

Leverage our data management capabilities to power your performance and demonstrate ROI objectively.


Discover what Wellnecity can do to help you achieve higher performance – improving healthcare quality, affordability, and employee health outcomes.