Wellnecity Smart Hub for Vendors

Simplify data management, improve utilization with actionable insights, and demonstrate clear, measurable ROI with Smart Hub.

Struggling with Low Engagement?

Disparate Data Silos?

Unable to Validate ROI Impact?

Wellnecity Smart Hub, explicitly built for benefits data, empowers you to access high-quality information faster, ultimately improving solution performance and proving ROI.   

Wellnecity Smart Hub: Power Up Your Impact

  • Effortless Targeting: Receive timely, targeted member of interest lists.  
  • Better Quality: Advanced data management simplifies program eligibility. 
  • Demonstrate ROI with Ease: Track the quantifiable impact of your interventions directly within client health plan data. 
  • Win the RFP: No excuses to hide from the tough questions on data integrations.  

Easy Data Management

Wellnecity Smart Hub simplifies data management. Focus on insights, not integration hassles. Smart Hub connects to diverse sources, cleanses data, and standardizes it for easy application use. This saves you time configuring applications and lets you effortlessly demonstrate your solution’s impact on client health and plan value. 

Our Partners

We partner with health plan vendors across the ecosystem driving value and enhancing client satisfaction, including on-site and mobile clinics, centers of excellence, care navigators, and direct contract networks.


“We tried to use the standard data dashboards and warehouses, but there was no way to reconfigure those solutions to allow our nurses to extract the patient information in a usable format. With Wellnecity our nurses are now 3x more efficient and we can demonstrate our ROI objectively to our clients.”

Sally Pace, CEO, Connect Healthcare Collaboration