Wellnecity for Vendors

Efficiently manage your diverse data feeds to cost-effectively power your solution, enhance your ROI – and objectively demonstrate impact to employers.

Are you frustrated by the limitations of claims source data?

Do you question the accuracy and reliability of the data you use to optimize your solution’s features and benefits?

Do you want to demonstrate the value of your solution objectively?

Our ProActive Health Plan Management™ platform was built for benefits data, to improve the speed, quality, and access to the information needed to power performance.

ProActive Health Plan Management™

We help you reduce the need to be claims data experts, maximize the insights that power your solution, and demonstrate your value and impact. For example:

  • Receive a highly targeted prospect list that is available immediately after the latest claim feed
  • Measure and track the impact of your interventions in your clients’ health plan data

Operating Platform

Our operating platform standardizes and integrates client data and outputs objective performance analysis by:

  • Establishing connections to many diverse data sources
  • Managing data quality (identify errors, eliminate reversals, etc.)
  • Standardizing the data to one common FHIR-based data structure
  • Configuring applications that translate standardized data into solution inputs
  • Measuring the impact of your solution on plan value and health outcomes

Our Partners

We partner with health plan vendors across the ecosystem driving value and enhancing client satisfaction, including on-site and mobile clinics, centers of excellence, care navigators, and direct contract networks.



“We tried to use the standard data dashboards and warehouses, but there was no way to reconfigure those solutions to allow our nurses to extract the patient information in a usable format. With Wellnecity our nurses are now 3x more efficient and we can demonstrate our ROI objectively to our clients.”

Sally Pace, CEO, Connect Healthcare Collaboration