Client Success Story – Data-Enabled Care Navigation

By Bill Frack, Chief Product Officer

Care navigation is a great concept – helping employees make informed decisions about the best choice for their clinical care.   Or as I like to say, “everyone needs a nurse in the family”.

The power of timely, effective engagement cannot be overstated.

Your employees do not anticipate getting sick.  And when they do, they don’t pick up the Benefit Guide Book nor do they consider the need to make a thoughtful, clinically informed decision about how to access care.

Unfortunately, the traditional models of care navigation often miss the mark when it comes to providing plan members with timely and impactful support.  They rely on members to call them (barrier #1) and to follow guidance (barrier #2).

Imagine a healthcare experience where your employee is not left to figure things out on their own. What if your high-risk members already had a relationship with a nurse?  And what if, at the onset of a health issue, your member got connected with a familiar, helpful nurse, already knowledgeable about their health history?  And what if this nurse could help your employee access all the wonderful benefits you and your company make available?

Well, imagine no more.

Empowered care navigators, equipped with relevant data and insight can proactively engage with plan members – those that really use the health plan. Instead of relying on reactive problem-solving, care navigators can leverage this information to anticipate issues and provide support before they arise.

If this sounds like better healthcare, check out Connect Healthcare Collaboration, powered by Smart Hub. And if you’re curious about how modern data management powers their solution “in their words”, check out the following testimonial.

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