Insights to measurably improve health plans

Amid ever-rising health care costs, self-insured employers of all sizes can reduce health care spend by up to 20%, increase the quality of care AND achieve better outcomes. Read Wellnecity Insights to explore strategies to help your health plan perform better – for you and your employees.

It’s time to check your stoploss reimbursement

Discover more about the underlying factors contributing to errors in stoploss reimbursements that we are finding and fixing.

3 Reasons Your Stoploss Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

Learn how Wellnecity uncovered and recovered $500K in additional stop-loss reimbursements for our client!

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Use your data to manage through disruptions like Covid

Learn how Wellnecity® has been able to identify and disaggregate Covid-related claims, track recoverable expenses, and monitor trends in both Covid-related and ordinary health plan expenses to forecast the future financial impact of this crisis.

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Don’t Be Helpless Against Specialty Drug Cost

Learn how to flex” against pharmacy trend by reacting quickly to deploy solutions fueled by proactive engagement and ROI tracking.

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There’s No Insurance to Protect Against the Shocking Lack of Health Plan Oversight

Read how Wellnecity® helps to obtain your claims data and implement robust financial controls to avoid costly errors.

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The Need for Financial Control

Wellnecity® can help leverage modern data management capabilities to perform the reconciliations.

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Inflation-Proofing Health Plans

Read how Wellnecity® is helping employers to actively manage their health plan to understand what’s working (and what’s not) and to measurably improve the affordability of your benefit solutions.

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Cost Containment Racket

Learn how Wellnecity® is helping employers minimize costs and maximize the effectiveness of add-on cost containment services.

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Better Care Navigation

Learn how Wellnecity® is reimagining care navigation to focus on timely outbound communication versus sanguine inbound communication.

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Wellnecity® can help figure out whether the care intervention programs in place are actually working.

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